24. Januar 2013

Our Ceasing Voice - That Day Last November (2013)

Our Ceasing Voice - That Day Last November
01 - Afterglow
02 - Until Your Chest Explodes (feat. Matthew Ryan)
03 - One Of These Nights
04 - What Used To Be A Battle Song
05 - The Anniversary (feat. Matthew Ryan)
06 - The City That Once Had A Name
07 - Jaded
08 - Like Wildfire
Total: 40 Min 10 Sec. 

You can listen to the album here: 

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Revolvermann Records (Vinyl)
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 The album is available as a download for 3€ only. Please don’t download it illegally anywhere else. We are offering this for a very low and to us - reasonable -  price, so that anyone could afford this. If you really can’t: please get in touch with us. We’ll work something out.
OCV Bandcamp (Digital) (only 3 EUR)
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We will be on tour in February and March. Have a look at the dates below:
(Second leg from 22/3 to April 2nd - GER, BE, FR, UK. Exact dates tba.) 

26. September 2012

Somewhere Beyond Echoes - A Whisper In The Garden (?)


11. August 2012

Doomina - Elsewhere (2012)

It took me a long time to actually find the time to sit down and write this. I had a lot of stress since Daniel from Doomina handed their new album over to me. I listened to it at work, on the bus drive from and to work, at home, on the train, before going to sleep and after waking up... again and again. So, just so you know, this is not in any way an objective view, but then again, usually no review is.

"Elsewhere" they have titled their now record... just like the 4h travel-documentary I watched some years ago. And this is also what the record reminded me of: Travelling is awesome, no matter whether you actually do it or you put on some music, close your eyes and recall locations you have visited. This is what I have done all the time while listening to this record. I went back to the vast emptiness of the American midwest, the hecticness in Moscow, all the layed back people I met in Italy and Southern Tyrol, the profound silence of the Bavarian forest. All these feelings are condensed in 5 beautiful tracks, the titletrack "Elswhere" (the best track on the record in my opinion) being the centerpiece of this fantastic record. I am not a musician, neither am I going to try to describe to you what kind of music Doomina make. I am sick and tired of trying to explain to people why I like certain musical styles and cannot understand others, although for some people both might sound the same. I am not going to try and compare Doomina to other bands that make similar music, cause they do not make the exact same music. All I can say that i found this record to be profoundly beautiful and perfect for closing my eyes and just drift off into a peacful state of mind (although there is some tight riffing on this record, don't get me wrong).

Over all I can only urge all you readers to check out this record and while you are at it, just check out all the other records by Doomina... they are more rough and hard, more agressive, not as beautiful, but nonetheless you can definitively see how they ended up at their best record to date, "Elswhere". Have fun listening!
(c) word_fcuk

Buy: doomina_music [at] yahoo [dot] de

11. Mai 2012

Anteater - EP (2012)

Genre: Screamo, Post Hardcore
(ca 17 mins)



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7. April 2012

Sahara Surfers - Sonar Pilot (2011)

Quote: (thesirenssound.com) "For the last 4 years the Innsbruck band, Sahara Surfers, have been bringing rock from the desert to the Tyrolean alps. Their debut album “Spacetrip on a Paper Plane” very quickly earned them recognition on the stoner rock scene. The album transformed them from a blip on the radar to one of the most popular stoner rock bands in Austria. The skillful combination of psychedelic hooks and driving riffs typical to the genre, accented by the not so genre-typical female singer, immediately struck a nerve in the scene and has landed on open ears both in Austria and abroad. With their second album, Sonar Pilot, the band has fine-tuned sound and developed a style they can call their own – old school stoner rock spiced with a healthy portion of alternative rock, a splash of psychedelic rock and a pinch of good old Metal resulting in a rich dish not typically seen on a Tyrolean menu.

In [ Sonar Pilot ] Sahara Surfers brings a devil-may-care mash-up of Stoner-rock and Psychedelic rock which feel like a breath of fresh air. The 90’s and the 20’s had been dominated by an array of new genres and cross between major rock elements which disintegrate the isolation of some never-ending meltdown. That said it is high time that somebody launch something stone and concrete that simply bring the good times and give you this rejuvenating feel.

As varied and dynamic as [ Spacetrip On A Paper Plane ] “Sahara Surfers” simply burst out with energy at its very best. [ Sonar Pilot ] maintain a divine momentum which rolled this follow-up [ LP ] to instant glory. Musically, it draws deeply from diverse pools, echoes of 70s hard rock reverberating alongside grunge and stoner-rock sounds.

From electric vibes to stoner riffs, Laid back head nodding motion to downright quirky notes [ Solar Pilot ] remain a colourful title that’s near impossible to dislike. By all means CHECK IT OUT… and if you haven’t had a go on [ Spacetrip On A Paper Plane ] which I seriously doubt, then its where you might want to start. [ QOTSA ] ~ [ Bardo Pond ] ~ [ Grails ] ~ [ Deftones ] and the likes fans all the way."

Genre: Stoner Rock, Psychedelic, Progressive Rock
FREE from LastFM -> 128 kbit/s (CBR)

1. Intro
2. Underline
3. Mass Crashing
4. Fold-Over
5. Sonar Pilot
6. Ganjalf
7. Aenor
8. Miles
9. The Gentleman Aside

Preview: ("Sonar Pilot")

Buy & Support
SoundZero (Label)
FloitenJam (yearly Festival organised by the band)

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8. März 2012

Terraformer - The sea shaper (2012)

Our friends Terraformer have a new "killing" album out for free (name your price option). Don't be stupid and load it. If you like it support them!

released 08 April 2012
Recorded by David Henrard and Terraformer
Mixed by David Henrard
Mastered by Jamal Ruhe at West West Side Music

Math Rock
320 kbit/s (CBR), FLAC, ...


Download (Terraformer)
Download (Dunk!Records)
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7. März 2012

Out Of Sight - Astray (EP) (2010)

320 kbit/s (CBR)



2. März 2012

Emphemetry - A Lullaby Hum For Tired Streets (2011)

"The new album from Emphemetry features ambient swells of guitars, intimate folk songs, a string quartet, strange sounds, tape delay, reverse loops, pianos, and a haunted acappella quintet."

The album is available for free download from bandcamp, CD, cassette and vinyl.

Genre: Post-Rock, Ambient, Folk,
320 kbit/s (CBR)


Download (name your price, no minimum)

27. Februar 2012

Gordon's Tsunami Week - We see the reflection of ourselves in the frames we look at (2011)

Our great german friends of "Gordon's Tsunami Week" have a new album out, FOR FREE again! I know many people are bored of most 'Post Rock'-stuff but GTW really kicks ass. So give it a try and support 'em.


Genre: Post Rock, Ambient

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16. Februar 2012

Collector Base Emitter - Transis (EP) 2010

Genre: Psychedelic, Stoner Doom, Space Rock, Doom


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