15. Januar 2010


Currently it is in the prearrangement, that means i have to upload all songs from the blog and the shuffle mode is on at the present (later i will create radioshows with classified genres but this can take weeks). So be sure that the tunes are very mixed up at this point. It takes a lot of time to upload all tracks. From day to day there will be more songs available for stream. Ambient, Post Rock, Shoegaze, Experimental, Jazz, Sludge, Post Metal, Psychedelic, Progressive, Electronica, Black Metal and much more!!! The idea of this radio is that ALL SONGS you will hear on this radio ARE AVAILAIBLE ON THE BLOG. So, tune in, get interested in a tune, change to the blog, search the artist you are interested in and download their whole album. Have fun buddies :)

Stay tuned for further informations.

Link to the Radio (Browser)
Link to the .m3u-File (iTunes/WinAmp/WindowsMediaPlayer)

have Fun,


máté hat gesagt…

great:) thanks chris

EYUP KUS hat gesagt…

awesome news dudes!!

crowdsalad hat gesagt…

thanks ... already added the radio to "RADIOSURE"