15. Juli 2008

A Beautiful Machine - Home (2000)

Opening with the sound of guitars performing a slow-motion launch over some alien sea, the third album from A Beautiful Machine picks up from where Solar Winds.. left off, taking the obsessions with deep space and the ocean to darker, deeper, noisier depths.
From detuned wall of guitar noise to shimmering, soaring deep space rock, Home is a unique post-rock sonic journey.

Genre: Shoegaze
128 kBit/s

1. Home
2. Empty Space, Points of Light
3. Attack Ships On Fire Off Orion
4. Whats on your Mind
5. Crowded Skies
6. Six Point Two Billion Light Years

Embryo Recordings
PW: postrockcommunity.blogspot.com


ochriso hat gesagt…

alle 2000 rausgekommen?? :O

silenceisdeafening hat gesagt…

alle 2000 bei dem label veröffentlicht..