15. Juli 2008

A Beautiful Machine - Solar Winds, White Noise, Antigravity (2000)

From the opening rising swell of hazy feedback to the closing cadence of shimmering, guitar noise, this second release from A Beautiful Machine is a hallucinogenic ride through reverb-drenched atmospheres, abrasive-yet-lush guitars and spaced-out, lethargic vocals.
Solar Winds.. takes the ABM sound of noisy, post-shoegaze dream rock far further than hinted at in the debut self titled release, embracing a wide range of moods and sounds, crafting dark & dreamy odes to folly, love, loss and spaceflight.

Genre: Shoegaze
128 kBit/s

1. Entwine
2. Shining
3. Sometimes
4. Glow
5. The Sound of her Wings
6. Follow Mine
7. Breathe in Space
8. Coming Up
9. Coming Up (Again)

Embryo Recordings
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