31. Juli 2008

Hermelin - Hermelin (2008)

Did you ever wonder what these kids are doing in their free time? You watch them talking to each other in the tube, realize their worn out shoes and shirts with names you never heard of, hair too long and dirty to suit any future mother-in-law.

Risen from the ashes of their old name, they are striking for the grail of Avant-garde Rockmusic without vocals but melody and fine dynamics. Hermelin emancipated from Grunge and Alternative Rock just now and still you may recognize some hardrockish elements in their music.

Sehr empfehlenswerte Band aus Hannover, die auf dem Label 12rec ihre Cd frei veröffentlichten. Das Review auf Silent Ballet trifft meine Meinung ziemlich genau.

Genre: Post Rock / Alternative
256 kBit/s


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