15. Juli 2008

The Other Side Of The Sky - Rorschach (2005)

"Somewhere in 2002 some blokes from Daytona Beach (Florida USA) raised a band that would follow the same road as the likes of Isis, Neurosis and Mogwai, and so The Other Side Of The Sky was born. They put out two cd's themselves, which eventually got them noticed with Retribute Records who offered them a deal. This band thrives on intensity, thundering dynamics and emotion, and they got plenty of it. All the songs start slow, almost cute, and despite the obligatory sonic eruptions it all sounds so spatial, so stately, so alone, so big, so desperate. I put it to you, an Isis or a Cult Of Luna would not have done any better than this. On the contrary, after listening to the song 'Street Ethics' I put The Other Side Of The Sky even above the aforementioned bands. The riffs and soundscapes are of an unmatched quality and so amazingly original, and this in essence goes for everything on this album. Productionwise it is also top of the bill, so hell yeah, this is an absolute must-have. Yep, I am impressed." Reviewquelle
Meine FaveSongs "Harlem" & "Justice Is a Vagrant".

Genre: Post Metal, Sludge

1. No Compromise
2. Rorschach
3. Times Square Spectre
4. Street Ethics
5. Harlem
6. Reluctant Hero
7. Justice Is a Vagrant

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