17. Juli 2008

Tephra - A Modicum Of Truth (2007)

"Tephra are a five-piece sludge band from Braunschweig, Germany. The Greek word „tephra“ describes the dust that covers the earth after a volcano’s outburst. The band understands how to captivate with their emotional, desperate and elegic music and the stunning voice of singer Ercument, who sounds a little like Klas Rydberg, singer of Cult of Luna, tephra’s swedish big brothers, with whom they are friends, and toured a lot together."
Das beschreibt einmalig was Tephra ist und bietet. Falls jemand die "Demo" von Ihnen besitzt, bitte melden. Such die schon eine halbe Ewigkeit.

Genre: Sludge, Post Metal

  1. Apollo
  2. Big Black Mountain
  3. Changes
  4. A Modicum Of Truth
  5. Until The End
  6. Rivers Eyes
  7. Crossways
  8. Wolfs Chamber
  9. Clearance
  10. Lost One
  11. In The Valley
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