1. August 2008

Aurore Rien - Telesthesia (EP) (2003)

Qualitativ hochwertiger Post Rock aus Wisconsin, USA (2003). Die EP ist einfach spitze. Viel zu der Band hab ich leider nicht herausgefunden, nur dass es laut LastFM noch ein Album aus dem Jahre 1998 gibt. Viel Spaß und vielen Dank an Daniel!

"The story goes something like this: lead singer and guitarist Chris Schafer grew weary of seminal punk roots in the highly volatile and influential hardcore act Managra. Chris packed up his gear, left the band, and met up with brothers Grady and Connor Owens to form what would later become Aurore Rien. Mike Ystad would be added as a fourth and additional member sometime thereafter. Drawing from various progressive rock pools, Aurore Rien has been compared to and shared stage with the likes of Mogwai, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Explosions In The Sky and Tarentel, however revealing a more subtle undulating luminescence. With a penchant for stillness in beauty Aurore Rien's music finds an arguably comfortable fit between sleep, dreamland, and a life less lived."

Genre: Post Rock

1. Hindsight 20/20
2. Hearts Murmer Under Halogen Lights
3. Breakaway, Sydney
4. Sunsets, I Have Seen Too Many Without You

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silenceisdeafening hat gesagt…

meine güte, bei hindsight 20/20 bei 4:16... wow.

Anonym hat gesagt…

more of that hehe!
and thx for teh blog man

ochriso hat gesagt…