2. August 2008

Final Days Society - Noise Passes, Silence Remains (2008)

Final Days Society is the result of 4 guys from 4 different bands in the southern parts of Sweden joining forces to make music that they love, emotional powerful music. After the first rehearsal we all knew right away that the music we made was something worth fighting for, so promises were made. And so Final Days Society..s story begins.

“Suwat, Pierre, Andreas and Thomas met in Växjö-Sweden 2006. They chose to start a band together. A band that would write emotional and powerful music, with beautiful melodies and explosions. “Silence is...” distinguishes the best. The energy! A perfect ending on the album “Noise passes, silence remains”. Final days society should be proud of themself."

Genre: Post Rock

2.Scalar Fields
3.Violent Red
4.Pain passes, beauty remains
5.Lets go again
6.(the) fire
9.Silence is....

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silenceisdeafening hat gesagt…

hallo! schön, dass du hier mitmachst.

Die Beschreibung klingt ja schon mal interessant. ;)

custer™ hat gesagt…
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custer™ hat gesagt…

danke, einfach mal anhören, lohnt sich wirklich. hab in letzter zeit kaum was besseres gehört. insbesondere sacalar fields und viloent red sind genial.

ochriso hat gesagt…

ja freut mich auch dass du dabei bist :)