20. August 2008

I Am The Architect - 11 (2008)

Chilliger PostRock aus Münster, Germany.

Genre: Post Rock, Shoegaze
192 kbit/s (CBR)

1. Quit
2. Remote Control
3. Silence, Silence
4. Solitude

Buy at "iamthearchitect@gmx.de"
Booking at "stereopark-booking@gmx.de"

PW: postrockcommunity.blogspot.com


Anonym hat gesagt…

remote controle, my absolute favorite

to everyone give this a try, this band is great!!!

i am the architect hat gesagt…

i stumbled on your blog by you post on our last.fm-page. thank you very much for your kind words and keep up the great work.

by the way: you can download the ep in lossless formats from http://iamthearchitect.bandcamp.com/album/11
also, there's a new album on the line. it will be released in this summer. we will inform you on myspace.com/youarethearchitect