24. August 2008

Reverend Big O - Tonight (2006)


Why should you devote your time to an indie rock band on beta-blockers? We really don't know. But if you confess to being into the late 80's/early 90's shoegazer division this is the nutrient foundation upon which you live.

Welcome to reverberation, cascades of intertwining guitars and breathy vocals. Transcend your daylife: Reverend Big O is calling you from pale foggy fields and dizzy slow motion car lights over rainy streets(?!).
All those dreamy pictures drawn up by an early My Bloody Valentine or Slowdive awoken again. This is why shoegazer sometimes leans against the pretentious - you just have to care!

Reverend Big O - formerly known as "Swedens slowest" - still keeps sadness and melancholy in focus. The tempo has certainly added on some bpm's but the fragile and delicate melodies that are significant for the band remain.

While the highly frequented downloading of the earlier release "Let The Air In" still continues the band has reloaded.
The connection between Reverend Big O and Go, Jukebox! is just recently brought to daylight and at the beginning of a series of releases. Watch out!

Let the air in. CDsingle | Realease Music
Songs to kill your lovers by. CD | A West Side Fabrication
Ready Mades. CDEP | A West Side Fabrication
Small town Chants. CDEP | A West Side Fabrication
Money Talks. compilation | A West Side Fabrication
From ignorance to a true failure. compilation | A West Side Fabrication
Vol 1. Compilation | Allied Radio Recordings (US)

Nicklas Nilsson: Guitars, Vocals
Jörgen Dahlqvist: Guitars
Henrik Palmberg: Guitars
Lukas Råberg: Keyboard
Marcus Råberg: Bass

Genre: Indie, Post Rock, Shoegaze
256 kbit/s (CBR)

1. Tonight
2. Words Like Clouds


PW: postrockcommunity.blogspot.com

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