17. August 2008

Soul Of The Phoenix - Release The Drones (2008)

From the farthest reaches of space and the soul comes Release the Drones, a collection of various songs that go from psychedelic doomy to fun and groovy. Layers of guitar, drum machine, samples, effects, filters, and just general weirdness. Darkly psychedelic and dangerously hypnotic, emotionally charged and slightly neurotic. So stomp your feet, clap your hands, drink some booze, take some Shamanistic substances, and lock yourself in the darkest room in the house with a lampshade on your head. The main thing is, enjoy yourself.

Sehr geiler düsterer Ambient/Psychedelic/Industrial-Mix von einem Herren aus West Virginia. 8.5/10! Empfehlenswert. Leider alles nur mit 128kbit vorhanden. FaveTracks "Into the Depths I Cast Thee" & "I Can't, I Won't" und noch einige mehr...

Genre: Psychedelic, Ambient, Industrial
128 kbit/s (CBR)

  1. Let's Open the Dialogue
  2. Release the Drones
  3. A Finite Amount of Time
  4. Early to Rise
  5. The Never Is Now
  6. Into the Depths I Cast Thee
  7. I Can't, I Won't
  8. The Forgotten Title
  9. Mondo Relaxo
  10. In Like a Lamb, Out Like a Lion

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