27. September 2008

417.3 - -- (EP)(2008) & Demos

"This band was recommended to me as (Russian GodSpeed You Black Emperor!). Well well well... quite a heavy statement init? To admit the truth, honestly speaking... this is exactly how I would like to recommend them to you. (Russian GodSpeed You Black Emperor!).
I haven't got much info' on them beside that they are from Russia and the band members includes: Pete - contrabass, Gena - drums, Kolya - cello and Stas - guitar. The band has not sign onto any recording label. Well not yet.
This folder consist of a 4 tracks Ep. All songs are untagged but the 4 tracks contain enough juice to quench one thirst of post-rock music. Track 1, 2, 3 and 4 basically this whole Ep can be listen over and over again.
In addition to this 4 tracks Ep, the folder contain a 2 tracks Demo which is also in line with the Ep. -----This is a MUST have-----" - MOGWAI (www.sirenssound.blogspot.com)

"Some kind of short bio: 2005 (autumn) - drummer and guitarist. 2005 (winter) - + violin (Lena). 2006 (the beginning) - +contrabass. 2006-2008 - the band changed 4 violins (Sonya, Tanya, Ksenya, Vita) 2008 (spring) - the band became a quartet without violins consisting of a cello, contrabass, guitar and drums."

Genre: Post Rock, Experimental
256 kbit/s (CBR)


Download "Demos"
Download "-- (EP)"

PW: postrockcommunity.blogspot.com

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