21. September 2008

Northvia - Discography (2003 - 2008)

Northvia, an instrumental post rock band, formed in the fall of 2002 when Thomas Lloyd (Guitar) and Rob Colclasure (Drums) met in Tallahassee, Fl. Soon after Rick Arnow (Bass) and John Garner (Guitar) joined the group when they first performed in February of 2003. After recording two EP's in Hattiesburg, MS (S/T, Your Detached and Self Obsessed) in 2003 and 2004, Rick Arnow left the band and was replaced by Rob's brother William Colclasure (Bass). Citing influences ranging from Radiohead to Samuel Barber, Northvia has developed their own niche in the post-rock genre. In 2005 they recorded their first full length album Sleeping in Ariports which was released online through the London Based Lost Children Net Label. After a brief hiatus, the band reformed in 2007 in Orlando, Fl adding guitarist David Tinsley from the Grand Canyons. Northvia is currently preparing to release their 4th album 'Pure Magic' during the summer of 2008.

Genre: Post Rock, Ambient, Experimental
160 kbit/s (CBR)


Download - Northvia (EP) (2003)
Download - Your Detached And Self Obsessed (EP) (2004)
Download - Sleeping In Airports (2006)
Download - Pure Magic (EP) (2008) [Can't find any Source! Tell me when you find something!]


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