15. Mai 2009

Skeksis Netlabel Project - Far away from home (Compilation) (2009)

"Experience the melancholic but also fulfilling mood, being far away from home. An endless longing for everything familiar, searching for the peace of mind on a trip through unknown worlds. Get in touch with Volume 7 of Skeksis86 free download sampler and feel free to reach landscapes far away from home with ten unknown groups from ambient, acoustic and post rock underground. More than fifty minutes of deep and minimalistic music, created to express the inner feelings, when you're finding yourself." (Iskharian)

01 THE NICHOLS FAMILY GOSPEL HOUR (USA) - Year of the funeral
02 MESSAGE TO BEARS (UK) - Find our way home
03 LAS HIJAS DE OFELIA (USA/MEX) - Hunter's Head
04 EMPHASIS (CRO) - Before Assumption
05 DAVID GALAS (USA) - The Happiest Days Of My Life Part 2
06 SPACES(USA) - An Abyss We Miss
07 MOROSE (ITA) - Rain Dance
08 NORTHAUNT (NOR) - A silent battle
09 OUR CEASING VOICE (AUT) - Dazzled eyes are shut.
10 SLEEPMAKESWAVES (AUS) - One Day You Will Teach Me To Let Go Of My Fears

Genre: Acoustic / Post Rock / Ambient
192 kBit/s


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