30. Juni 2009

Finneyerkes - Gather And Sing (2009)

Dazzled Sadness

Finneyerkes is a two man project from Alabama/Virginia, USA. They are influenced by many different artists especially in the post-rock genre (such as Godspeed You! Black Emperor or Mogwai) and films as well as soundtracks.

Finneyerkes create wide soundscapes which leave enough space to drift away but still catch the listener's breath. The electronic elements are as different as possible from each other, there are ambiental, spacy tabs and in the same songs, suddenly, noisy sounds and even some techno elements. They also use guitars and a lot of sad spoken words which complete the atmosphere of Finneyerkes. The ambience is melancholic - especially when the guitar comes in, this is something which haunts me a shiver over my back!

Finneyerkes is very different from other electronica bands, the post-rock influences are visible and sometimes reminded me on the calmy parts of French Teen Idol. The diversion is well to see between the two tracks Jacob and I am the Spy, where sad guitar tones meet dazzled electronica-elements.

You almost HAVE TO try Finneyerkes, because they have a song for every lonely heart out there! Good work, carry on.

Genre: Electronic, Indie, Melancholic, Post-Rock influenced



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