6. März 2010

Have A Nice Life - Time Of Land (EP) (2010)

Quote: "About Time of Land by HAVE A NICE LIFE
Time of Land is the name of an E.P. we kind of fell into while working on our next full-length album. It was sold in physical form only once: at our first show ever, at The Stone in NYC. About 50 tapes were sold that night.

Now, the E.P. is available for free to everyone who couldn't make it to the show, in digital form. Thank you very much, to everyone, for your continued and completely overwhelming support for us, our label, and our music. It is deeply, deeply appreciated.

If You Would Like To Support The Band Or Know More
www.enemieslist.net is our self-run, self-financed record label. We put out records by bands that record themselves. We think the music is really, really good. Check out the stuff we have available. Sign up for our very-sporadic newsletter. We think you'll probably like it.

In conclusion: Please download the record. Send it to your friends. Post it places. Review it. Tell us what you think.


Genre: Shoegaze, Ambient, Post Rock, Drone
320 kbit/s (CBR)




Ulises Sauri hat gesagt…

I really apreciate your work.
cheers from Mexico, and keep posting beautiful Post-rock like this.

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