15. März 2010

IMPORTANT News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi mates!

We are sorry for being in absentia. We have so much to do right now that it is not possible to review and post your stuff. We have loads of requests in our mail and even can't answer those. Please forgive us! I guess we have over 400 requests not done at this moment and we really want to have all these requests done.

So, our offer is for all those bands and projects that hasn't been posted so far -> send us your stuff again with the subject "PLEASE POST IT" and with a little presstext (Who are you? What motivates you to make this tunes? A little bio, or whatever, just write what you want...) and we will post it with your textmessage as soon as we can!!! I don't know what you will think about this idea to get this problem solved but if you dig it rate this post with 5 stars.

Thanks for the audience,
ChrisO & Co

PS.: We really need a good package of your songs. That means the mp3s should be in high quality, (no transcodes) and right tagged. A front-cover at least with 500x500, myspace and lastfm link and the genre you are into should be included too. Zip or Rar it and only upload it to megaupload or rapidshare (really important)! Otherwise we will delete the package and ignore it!

PPS.: It would also be less work if you upload a previewsong of the release to divshare and send us the link or (if it's availaible for download on lastfm) the direct mp3-link. This should be a link like this "http://freedownloads.last.fm/download/313925622/Highway%2BLights.mp3"

Requests here

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