10. April 2010

Forgotten Live In Death Paradise - An Open End (2010)

"Forgotten Live in Death Paradise (Also abbreviated as FLiDp) is a musical project founded in 2008 by Rafael Simmons in São Paulo, Brazil. The project has thus far released two albuns available for free download: One Way Ticket to the Paradise and An Open End.

Before the creation of Forgotten Live in Death Paradise, Rafael had another music project called NGC 1300. Under NGC’s name, two albuns were released: “Where the Universe Ends” and “Lifeless Feelings”. The Idea for a third album came when the third album from NGC were being produced. The album would be called “And all the things that will have an end tonight”, but during the production, he felt that the sound was too different from the previous two albuns, and he felt that the project would need a more interesting name, that could help the interpretation of the project’s music. From the transition of projects, only a song remained from NGC to FLiDP: “Nothing Else Matters When I’m With You”, a song that would be later released on the Forgotten Live first album. All the other remaining songs, plus a compilation album containing B-SIDES from NGC called “Renegades by The Universe” were never released, as NGC 1300 remains on a indefinite hiatus.

Right after the decision of leaving NGC 1300 on hiatus, Rafael started to create the new project. The initial idea was that the project would be called “Forgotten Alive in Death Paradise, but due an error while creating the project’s official Myspace, the name would became what is seen today. It only changes a bit the original meaning of the project. On August (3 months later), the first song under the new project would be released on Myspace:”One Way Ticket to the Paradise” (That would later be the name of the project’s debut album). Months have passed without not only a post on FLiDP’s blog. That absence of news was later recompensed with a new song when Rafael came to post again, releasing “Nara” on the official myspace. That would be the last new about FLiDP on what was the longest break that the project had until now. That would end six months later (FLiDP had already completed one year at that point) with the surprise release of the debut album “One Way Ticket to the Paradise” on June 25, 2009. It was available as a free download on Forgotten Live official Myspace. Rafael this time returned with news about a new album, a production that started during a holiday, where he went to Campinas, São Paulo, to record four songs. Those songs and two other from the first album would became a one piece only EP called “Orange Skies EP” (That was gave to his girlfriend, Flávia).When the second album was almost finished (With ten songs done), Rafael had all his files lost on a computer crash. Not only his personal computer have crashed, but his notebook as well. He would recovery nine from those ten songs, the lost song being only knew as “The Kiss on the Top of the Jaragua Peak”.(He later would name one of the album’s song as “The Jaragua Peak”, despite being totally different songs). Before being called “An Open End”, the album was announced as “Open Ended Romance”, but without any explanation was later changed to the name as it was released. The release happened March 31, 2010, and features Rafael and his girlfriend Flávia on the cover. That’s the first Forgotten Live picture ever where Rafael appears. The album was also entirely available on Last.fm and two songs featured the official Myspace: “The Jaragua Peak” and “We’ll walk together on the milky way”"

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