8. April 2010

Say Hello To My Kids - Say Hello To My Kids (EP) (2009)

We used Jakeboxes (swedish environmentaly friendly design), and we silkscreened on them manually, by hand. All illustrations were done by the young talented artist Ward Zwart. When you buy our EP, you will also receive a button and a poster with artwork by the same artist. (for six euros + postal costs). Watch pictures of the packaging on our myspace or our website.

We only made a really limited number of them, but we have put a lot of effort in it, to make them look awesome. Also we offer our music as a free download, because we support downloading of music, especially for small bands such as ourselves. For this EP we did everything ourselves going from recording, mixing, mastering, printing and burning cd's and boxes,...

thank you for listening,
anthony // sayhellotomykids

PS. At the moment of uploading this, we re-released our EP, because a lot of people wanted a physical copy. This version holds two new songs (recorded in preview quality). For this second version, all artwork is done by the lovely Marmushka, check it out online.

Genre: Post Rock, Indie
320 kbit/s (CBR)


01. Say Hello To My Kids
02. Silence
03. A Century Ago I Felt Fine
04. I Will Always Carry This Empty Box
05. This Place
06. Little Girl
07. Hidden Track

Download (Link to the more actual release with 2 Bonustracks)
Download (First version with 1 Hidden Track)

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