7. April 2010

Spritz!!! - An Enchoing Voice (EP) (2008)

Spritz!!! is a three piece band formed in 2007 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Formed by members of different influences, they begun their first start with a self-produced EP "An Enchoing Voice" in 2008. During this earlier stage, they profounded their sound with a mixture of melodic lines and dreamy tunes. From there, Spritz!!! continued to build up the momentum and establishing their identity with them creating a more progressive sound on their subsequent songs. As former drummer Cdot left the band in 2009, Spritz!!! went through a hiatus. Currently, they are working with bands from Indonesia(Last kiss to die of visceroth) and Singapore (Cancel' Cancel) on a new split project, which is due April this year.

Current band members:
Yan - Guitar
Adam - Bass, Vocals, Sampling
Locke - Drum

Former band members ('06-'09):
Cdot - Drum
Eqinn - Sampling

Genre: Experimental, Indie Rock
192 kbit/s (CBR)



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