7. Mai 2010

Dichotomy Engine - One's Silence... (2009)

Dichotomy Engine is solo/side project of Drazen Djordjevic from Serbia. Influenced by the sound of many noise underground, electro bands and musicians like Wumpscut, Vangelis, Raison d'être, J.M. Jarre, Mike Oldfield, Stratvm Terror, Necrophorus etc. Drazen starts to experiment with this electro sound at the end of year 2007. The main idea is of Dichotomy Engine to explore darker electronic sounds and all the possibilites to transpose the emotions through that kind of music. In the beginning it started like an experiment and hobby, so there were no plans for further work.

But as time passed by many his work gained good reviews in the underground circles. So Drazen continues with work on new music mixing different genres. DE songs have this so called “movie soundtrack” sound because of combination that involves electronic music, many sound effects, noises and dialogues from movies. Dichotomy Engine is always working and exploring many ways to record and play with different ideas, music and noises. He is also involved in Serbian underground music and artistic scene supporting it and performing live.

- Promo CD [2008]
- Mind - Theatre & Soul - Engine Sequencer [2008] (Split with Figurative Theatre)
- Tales of the Forgotten Ones EP [2009]
- Decoding The Quasar Signals [2009]
- One's Silence... [2009]
- Time Anomalies (collab with Earth Incubator) [2009]

Also participated on these compilations:
- Nice Noise III, (Nice Noise, 2008 - Uruguay)
- D:S-Vol.2, (Dark:Scene Records, 2008 - Serbia)
- CORROSIVE FUMES, (Zvukovina, 2008 - Bosnia & Herzegovina)
- Postindustrial Changes, (Downtown Recordings, 2008 - Slovenia)
- FUSION, (Dark Mourning Promotions, 2008 - UK)
- D:S-Vol.6, (Dark:Scene Records, 2009 - Serbia)
- D:S Vol.7, (Dark:Scene Records, 2009 - Serbia)
- Industrial Glue Electronics, (CyberfArts Records, 2009 - Netherlands)
- Nice Noise IV, (Nice Noise, 2009 - Uruguay)
- Dark Tribute to Lepa Brena, (Dark:Scene Records, 2009 - Serbia)
- Dark:Scene from Balkan, (Quartier23 Records, 2009 - Germany)


Here is the new album of Dichotomy Engine. This album will drive you through universe and the far worlds beyond. If you're interested in dark ambiental and the comsic sounds of planet dust than this is the album for you!

Genre: Dark Electro, Ambient
192 kbit/s (CBR)

01 - Begins (4:54)
02 - In The Night (3:19)
03 - Guide Me Afar (3:10)
04 - Speaks Eerie (5:30)
05 - A Vague Recollection (4:46)
06 - Ancient Ghostly Ruins (5:57)
07 - Sounds Like Music (4:25)
08 - Is A Spiritual Universe (4:46)
09 - Slowly Withering (6:25)


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