8. Mai 2010

La Vérité - Elephant (2010)

"I know how loud and diverse this band’s music is. What surprised me most was the four song tracklist. The final track on the album, entitled 'Pachyderm,' is just over twenty minutes and is an all-encompassing journey through the young boys' minds. This album speaks for itself. If I had to pick one word to describe it, I’d call it massive. So play it loud." - Brandon Greter, Dreamroot Recordings

"Upon constructing a musical soundscape both devoid of and teeming with life and energy at disparate points, La Verite have proven themselves to be surprising masters of their domain, providing the first not-so-subtle post-rock behemoth of 2010." - Eric Loose, Sputnik Music

"...proving that La Vérité is more than a guitar bearing rock band. A hauntingly sad track, the title and melody bring images of disharmony to mind, a finespun web of emotions, inflected with complexity and melancholy." - Oxide-Tones.com

"The second half of the album isn't so much concerned with moody rock and tempestuous changes in mood and tone as it is with poignancy; a slowly unfurling, agonizingly heartfelt crescendo goes an awful long way.

" - The Silent Ballet

"This is the track that makes the whole CD a must-have, a perfect ending for the album. If you’ve ever had a chill run down your spine and liked it, you’ll understand and love this track." - Five-Questions.com

Genre: Post Rock
320 kbit/s (CBR)


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