8. Mai 2010

Research Turtles - Research Turtles (2009)

Quote: "Born on the bayou in the musical no-man’s-land of Lake Charles, Louisiana, Research Turtles are a bold, visionary rock and roll group that grabs you with their soulful sound and doesn’t let you go. Despite their roots down south, the band sounds like an import, with British-invasion influenced riffs and effortlessly harmonized vocals that capture listeners and plunge them straight back to the early days of the Beatles and The Who. Their self-titled debut album, released August of 2009, propels them past the country-and-death-metal-studded swamp of their origin and into the clouds of melodic, pop-infused rock and roll.

Brothers and founders Jud and Joe Norman inherited their love of music from their father and uncle, the former introducing them to the Beatles and buying them their first guitars, and the latter, from Los Angeles, mailing them shoe boxes full of CDs they’d never heard by bands like The Kinks, Pavement, and Velvet Underground.

Although all four members of Research Turtles were born in Lake Charles, even graduating St. Louis High School just a few years apart, they didn’t unite as musicians until lead singer Jud returned to Lake Charles after graduating from Louisiana State University. Itching to make some noise, he and his younger brother, Joe, grabbed the best musicians they knew—their best friends, Logan Fontenot and Blake Thibodeaux—and with Jud’s creative vision guiding the band, they united under the name “Research Turtles”. Soon, they were opening for headlining bands like Toad the Wet Sprocket and making waves at the famed Tipitina’s in New Orleans, LA.

Research Turtles' self-titled debut album was recorded at the legendary Dockside Studios in Maurice, Louisiana and produced by Justin Tocket (Marc Broussard, Sons of William). The album unites the band’s southern roots with their diverse influences, creating a sound that’s part clean, sweetly polyphonic pop and part aggressive retro-rock. As Bob Segarnini of Sirius Satellite Radio recognized,

'From the Everly Brothers, through the British Invasion, into the New Wave, the punk era Ramones, and the Neil Young / Nirvana / Foo Fighters grunge guitars, these guys, like all great artists, are a product of their love of music, honoring the past, and being able to bring something new to the table.'

From the soaring vocals of the opening track, “Let’s Get Carried Away,” to the harder-edged “Cement Floor,” to the low, steady swing of “Into a Hole,” Research Turtles’ debut shows that they’re a band that knows where they come from but don’t give a damn."

Genre: Alternative Rock, Punk Rock
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