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Marc Doudin - Discography 2009 - 2010 (6 Releases)

First of all i have to thank this guy here. Marc has been a really good friend to me and a totally supporter of our community since the beginning. His song "drain" is also featured on our first postrockcommunity-compilation. Aside his great ambient tunes he's also the leader of our partnerblog THE GLASS FOREST.

Marc Doudin - EP (April 2009)

Quote: "Finally my first EP is released under my real name. It contains 4 tracks with a total length of about 20 minutes. Drone, Field Recording, Synthie and Keyboards united."

Genre: Ambient, Drone, Noise
Length: 19:16
Release: April 2009


Marc Doudin - Oceanview (May 2009)

Quote: "This is the second sign of my ambient project! Oceanview is the first full length album and goes more into the chilling ambient genre. Diversified and full of unique ideas, this new albums spread an atmosphere of pure enjoyment - yet - melancholy."

Genre: Ambient, Drone, Noise
Length: 37:07
Release: 22nd of May


Marc Doudin - Post Urban Moments (June 2009)

Quote: "Post Urban Moments is the third album from Marc Doudin (including his first self-titled EP). This project was born last year in Switzerland and has received positive feedback.

In this work, he explores once again ambience sounds and landscapes with nature details completed by post-rock and noisy elements.

This album brings you to another dimension full of wonder and power. The melodies are simple and can always surprise us by shoegaze details and atmospheric pictures

The album opens with a six minute track called Precious which is the most powerful track of the whole album. Noisy and melodic, this track combines layers with piano notes and a man's speech. It's a great track to open this work and it represents the essence of Marc Doudin's works.

This trip to ethereal distortion continues in the second track called Explosion in the Water. This time we are able to swim through the deep ocean. Here we can find precious details that remind us in some way some melancholic shoegaze layers from Spaces and Sigur Rós.

Antenna distortion is a peaceful trip down the earth. In this track the sound of rain and wind confounds with the melody of a lonely piano and then with distorted sounds prepared to blow your mind.Письма to Russia which is the perfect track to close your eyes and swim through the urban moments that surround you all the time.

Post Urban Moments ends with a drone ambient track called Lateral Inhibition and it goes through noisy sounds from distant soft ambient melodies.

Silence. This album will make you blind. Slowly. And you will find yourself lost in a drown city."

Genre: Ambient, Drone, Noise
Length: 37:03
Release: June 2009

Marc Doudin - Every Ray Of Light Will Become A Piece Of Heaven To What We All Will Submit (July 2009)

Quote: "Here it is, the fourth work from Marc Doudin - Every Ray of Light will become a Piece of Heaven to what we all submit. The title speaks from itself and opens the door to curiosity for all of those who have been following Marc's works.

This time Marc explores different things from all other works. This time, the piano invades massively our ears and our senses. Cold melodies combined with texturized layers and soft beats. Dark ambiences with a soft introspective mood from the forests.

The first track - Untitled #1 - is very delicate. It combines nature sounds like wind and water with ethereal sounds that reminded me forests and fresh air. When I first heard this piece the first image that came to my mind was a fragile ray of light crossing the deepest trees in the forest. Your curiosity gets higher because something can happen when you less expect.

The second track - The Light of Forgiveness - seems like a continuation of the first track. A man's speech and a beautiful melody invade the forest. A soft piano with a softly distorted background that will culminate in a man's speech reminding the human presence in this fragile forest that Marc made for us.

Untitled #2 is the third track. This time, a soft reverbed ambience combined with the sound of the wind and a lovely piano melody that seems to never stop. In the background, distorted layers with nature sounds and an incomprehensible man's speech.

Concsci[ous/ence](ness) follows the main idea of the other tracks. A lonely piano that keeps playing by itself in this deep forest converging in the lonelyness of soft bells that got lost in time.

Slave to the Pretender is the fifth track and it goes explores highly distorted sounds. It's the darkest part of the forest. This is the biggest track of the whole album and the heaviest one. The piano introduces a speech of an insane woman. In my opinion, this track is the heaviest in what concerns feelings. The despair of the woman talking and the way she express her feelings maked this track special. The harmonized distortion is also a point that I really think that should not be forgotten.

Every Ray of Light will become a Piece of Heaven aboves the last track and it's an ethereal and melodic track with seven minutes. Pure ambient sounds and deep landscapes that will make you discover every hidden place in the deep forest.

This great work from Marc Doudin ends with Untitled #3 which is the smallest track. This time, the rain comes to stay. The details of this piece are very interesting, nature sounds like wind and rain with a distorted layer that covers the entire track.

This fourth album of Marc Doudin is without any doubt one of the best works he has ever produced, more mature and exploring different things.This is album made such great images in my mind.

Check this out and get lost somewhere in the forest of your mind."

Genre: Ambient, Drone, Noise
Length: 48:17
Release: 5 July 2009


Marc Doudin - EP II (September 2009)

Quote: "This is my newest work. This second EP called EP II is mainly produced in a different way as the albums before so it also sounds differently. There is more soundscaping stuff in it, more ethereal and atmospheric pads and drones. This album's going deeper than every work I did before.

Mainly, the songs are strictly ambiental and non-instrumental except the last song Drain. This one has some exciting drones and a long piano passage, kinda noise piano track.

The reason why this work has become an EP is that I actually don't know yet if this kind of ambient from my part will be liked at all. It's just a little experiment but maybe I'll keep this way by if you like it at all.


Genre: Ambient
Length: 20:38
Release: 13th of September


Marc Doudin - A Chorus From 06.10AM To 01.42AM (January 2010)

Quote: "My latest ambient works from the 5-track-EP A Chorus from 06.10AM to 01.42AM / EPIII are definitely different. The importance of drone has even grown and it's more ambient than before. The textures of the songs flow ahead while there is still a lot to explore.

01. Under the Big Trees (04:17)
This song is the most ambientish song of the EP. With influence of the big Stars of the Lid and other Drone artists I built this song to a divine and extraordinary ambient song. Fluent drones and the lack of a clear melody let the song stay in your brain since you can explore more and more textures and ideas behind the obvious things in it.

02. Monozygot (04:55)
Monozygot has a clear piano melody line with a lot of reverb in it. The track is also very fluently and appears as a divine, church-atmosphere ambient work. the lonely piano ends in a deep drone and a sudden rising choir-pad. The choir-pad leaves until the end and leaves you back dreaming.

03. Turquoise & Lily (05:05)
This is the oldest track of the new EP. I started with it shortly after the Affection album and it still hunts me shivers down my back. It refers to my idols Hammock and Jonsí & Alex. The Piano and the high pitched undefinable textures are incredibly atmospheric.

04. Morgendlicher Spaziergang (08:18)
This is a very extraordinary track. It is the longest track and the first one that's titled in German. Morgendlicher Spaziergang, which means Morning Walk, has the backgroundvoice of a nightingale, a very special piano (it appears like coincidentally) and deeeeep drones. This owns.

05. RPF (02:27)
The shortest track of the EP. Possibly the most catchy one. Influences of Hammock and Tim Hecker, just try, it's beautiful and melodic... Peaceful."

Genre: Drone, Ambient, Piano
Length: 25:02
Release: 11th of January 2010


Download "EP (April 2009)"
Download "Oceanview (May 2009)"
Download "Post Urban Moments (June 2009)"
Download "Every Ray Of Light Will Become A Piece Of Heaven To What We All Will Submit (July 2009)"
Download "EP II (September 2009)"
Download "A Chorus From 06.10AM To 01.42AM (January 2010)"

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