17. August 2010

Huata - Open The Gates Of Shambhala (EP) (2009)

Quote: "Started on december 2006 in Lannion, and after many line up changes we were up to gigs, on september 2007. We recorded in January, 2008 a model of three fragments with the help of Guillaume Giquel, and Kevin from Abnorm. The mixing was made by Julien Hérou. The sound is regrettably not representative of what we looked for. We recorded in July the EP "Open the gates of Shambala" mixed by KKP (sound of Warsaw Was Raw, Quartier Rouge, CP, ((remote))... ). All of our productions are free downloadable, free of charge.

We sold the soul of our music to Satan our lord and master and to spread his dark word among the laymen, we dive in the heart of the occult part of western history, and call in the any power of the DOOM. Our loud amps ceremony will bring your soul to salvation, behold witches, tyrants and damned, come to us, come Huata's Sabbath. DOOM!"

Genre: Doom, Stoner Rock
256 kbit/s (VBR)


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