24. August 2010

Slow Dancing Society - Under The Sodium Lights (Release date: digital - 25th of august, CD - 30th of september 2010)

Slow Dancing Society is definitely one of my all-time-favourites out of ambient/shoegaze! Check out the new release!

Quote: "Perth, Western Australia; Spokane, Washington. The Australian music label Hidden Shoal Recordings has announced the eagerly awaited fourth album by US ambient artist Slow Dancing Society.

Following on from the ebullient warmth of the critically acclaimed Priest Lake Circa ’88, Under The Sodium Lights is Drew Sullivan’s latest ambient epic. The album feels like a distillation of the three stunning releases that preceded it – and as such is Sullivan’s finest work to date. The delicate interplay between focused melodic details and blurred washes of sound draws the listener into a hypnotic state, where the waking world and the world of sleep cascade in and out of balance.

First single ‘…and to the dust we shall return’ sees the gradual accretion of reverberant guitar tones, emerging from the silence as sparse reflections across the stereo field. Slow searching melodies overlap and accumulate before a descending bass figure carries the song home to its elegiac conclusion. From the luscious, tactile dream of ‘The Songs In Your Eyes’ to hopeful finale ‘Love Is On The Way’, Under The Sodium Lights resonates with a rich emotional core – and the choking realisation of our own transience. The album rewards immersive listening from start to
finish, to really soak in its beauty.

Slow Dancing Society is Washington-based musician/ producer and nostalgist extraordinaire, Drew Sullivan. With influences ranging from classic artists such as Brian Eno, Def Leppard, Tears For Fears, The Cure, Pink Floyd and Prince to contemporary artists like Manual, Explosions In The Sky, Sigur Rós and Hammock, Sullivan has developed a formidable reputation for producing emotional and immersive ambient music across four Slow Dancing Society releases.

“a complexity of sound that allows it to stand out from traditionally ambient music… It is easy to get dissolved in this album, to let yourself fall into meditation as the music plays… Textures and timbre are executed with great precision… Even the simplest of songs allow complimentary textures to be layered upon each other to create a robust yet spacious sound… an aural delight for the listener.” – The Silent Ballet on Priest Lake Circa ’88

“Music is all about moments like this. Moments when you are, unexpectedly, knocked over and stunned into submission by an album that has, quite literally, came from nowhere... deeply affecting, consistently excellent… demands repeated listening” – Boring Machines Disturb Sleep on The Sound of Lights When Dim

Under The Sodium Lights will be available as a digital pre-release on the 25th of August followed by the official CD release on 30 September 2010.

Hidden Shoal Recordings is an Australia-based independent music label that has earned a reputation for releasing exciting and engaging new independent music that is not bound by genre or style. Hidden Shoal Recordings was recently chosen as one of the top ten favourite labels of 2007 by Textura magazine and has been dubbed “This generation’s 4AD” by prominent New York radio host DJ Mojo."

Genre: Ambient, Shoegaze

<a href="http://slowdancingsociety.bandcamp.com/album/under-the-sodium-lights">the songs in your eyes by Slow Dancing Society</a>

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