19. August 2010

Vision Éternel - An anthology of past misfortunes (2009)

Quote (myspace): "This page is formally that of Triskalyon. It has since moved on to become solely for Vision Éternel, as it is the most prominent band that has survived through the fall of the group.Vision Éternel is a band used to distribute the emotions left over by a past that ended hurtfully. Each release is a concept of a period and the phases which ocured. The idea originally started in January 2007, when a few songs were written one night, and differed from the bands I was in at the time. The first EP "Seul dans l'obsession" came out on February 14th of that year (on Mortification Records), and a music video was made for the song "Love within Narcosis", which was the first single. "Love within Isolation" would be used a few months later as a second (semi)-single.In June 2007, I began working on the second EP "Un automne en solitude". The first single "Season in Desperation" was released in late August for online promotion, prior to the EP being released. In February 2008 "Season in Absence" was finally released as the second single and on March 14th, 2008 the mini album came out, also on Mortification Records.It was during this time that I decided to test out expanding VE into a full band. The first person to try out was Phil Altobelli (who was known as Darklink in Triskalyon). Well his foreign collaboration didn't last very long. Finally I landed on Nidal Mourad and Adam Kennedy, who joined as acoustic guitarist and solo-ist, respectively. This was the most creative pairing so far, but only managed to re-work two songs, before splitting up.Through out the year "Un automne en solitude" got to many ears and finally landed on someone on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. A compilation had been an idea for some time but it wasn't until Frozen Veins Records offered me the opportunity to do it with them that it became an actual plan. The work has paid off and "An Anthology of Past Misfortunes" was released on February 14th 2009, as a two year commemorative to the first release. It contains both EPs (Seul dans l'obsession & Un automne en solitude) along with additional unreleased material and a poster. The package was pressed in a limited quantity of 100.Through out 2008 and 2009 I had attempted to write material for a third ep, and possibly have enough for a full length album. After going through three phases of new material, I realized that the full-length would not happen but that the third ep would be moving to a greater extent than the previous efforts. It would be the first material to be recorded and released to feature external help. Adam Kennedy came back in the picture to master the album and add his special touch to it, and Marina Polak contributed greatly to the new look by giving us a picture that represented the new mood of Éternel. The EP "Abondance de périls" was released on March 9th 2010 on Abridged Pause Recordings. Welcome to the new ears.Please visit Abridged Pause Recordings for more information on the current and upcoming releases.

Ambient, Shoegaze
320 kbit/s (CBR)

<a href="http://visioneternel.bandcamp.com/album/an-anthology-of-past-misfortunes">Love within Beauty by Vision Éternel</a>


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