18. September 2010

MLE[e] - Discovering The Substantial (2010)

After having listened to the debut EP of MLE[e], Walls And Other Lies, I was really looking forward to listening to their first full length release. With their mixture of alternative and indie rock, they reminded me a little bit of Bands like Placebo and Blackmail. Mixing beautiful melodies with outbursts of chaos is by far nothing new. But if it is well done, I am always on board.

After one and a half years of writing, recording and mixing, MLE[e] present 12 songs packed with emotions, amazing melodies and one can immediately sense that their songs come straight from the heart. This is a DIY production, no doubt, and a very good one, too. This makes this debut seem even more amazing.

It seems to me that Austria has to offer a lot for fans of independently produced music and this debut LP is a great addition to all that has already been presented on this Blog (Our Ceasing Voice, Doomina, etc.). This time, there is no free download, but you can by this record at iTunes for a slim 9.99€. I recommend you to do so and support these four guys from Vienna, Austria and enable them to continue making music. Peace out!

Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock


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