21. Dezember 2010

Sky Architects - The Reflection (EP) (2010)

Press: "A lot has changed, since five young guys recorded their self titled debut-EP “Sky Architects” in 2008, which demonstrated a band that knew how to construct good melodies within an epic sphere. Where the debut showed how diverse the band could sound, their new record “The Reflection” shows a band with a more coherent and direct sound, but without compromising with their love for the epic melodies. Sky Architects isn’t Post-Rock, Metal, Indie or Pop, but a hybrid of all of these genres and more. First and foremost, Sky Architects play with their hearts, and it is therefore up to the individual listener to create their own experience of the sounds that have been created."

Indie Rock, Post Rock, "Doom Pop"
265kbit/s (VBR)


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