1. März 2011

Álfheimr - What Allows Us To Endure (2011)

Quote: "For Nurul. I love you.
For Nathan. I miss you.
For my friends and family.

Thank you everyone who's helped me along the way, and thank you for downloading this album.

These are songs for laughter and forgetting, for beauty and for the little things,
and for the choices we make and how those choices change us.
These are songs for the inevitable and for celebrating the time we have now;
for the things we lose and the things we gain from their loss.
These are songs for closeness over great distances;
for time, and how it heals us.
These are songs for the future, and what we may make of it;
for all the difficulties we have faced and for those to come,
and for hope, which allows us to endure.

You can email me at madisonasche@hotmail.com if you want a hand-painted digipak for $50. Thank you."

Genre: Post Rock, Experimental, Instrumental, Ambient
320 kbit/s (CBR)



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