19. April 2009

Ólafur Arnalds - Found Songs (2009)

"With the critically acclaimed debut album 'Eulogy for Evolution' and follow-up EP 'Variations of Static' – both released on the cinematic music label Erased Tapes – under his belt, Icelandic neo-classical composer Ólafur Arnalds embarks on a brand new collection of tracks entitled ‘Found Songs’. Each track from this series will be created and released within 24 hours...

For the first time Ólafur will compose and release a track daily – an idea which he developed as a way to collate several lost and found musical sketches and ideas in a 'very challenging, but fun' series. "

Genre: Ambient
192 kBit/s

Erased Tapes Records
Download Day 1
Download Day 2
Download Day 3
Download Day 4
Download Day 5
Download Day 6
Download Day 7

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Gordon hat gesagt…

Oh my fuckin god. without your blog i wouldnt have found more tracks from olafur.