9. Mai 2009

Dancing On Debris - Dancing On Debris (2008)

Alright, here’s the deal: Dancing on Debris, a five piece from Aachen / Germany, plays music. Some kind of this post hardcore / screamo blend with a focus on quiet/loud dynamics, translating into each other either with eruptive start-stop bursts or solid build crescendos. While I honestly could namedrop a ton of screamo bands already having used the same rough formula to its extent, this little self-titled record offers six contributions not really being second to none. Dancing on Debris dancing on familiar realms to a familiar beat, kind of.

Instrumentally sophisticated and thorough, the vocals range among nagging screams, desperate yelps and a few clean passages, marking the clear highlight of Dancing On Debris sound. With a tone that especially in the less distorted sonic spectrum reminds at earlier Trophy Scars works, the singer is able to carry the band through the different soundscapes and subtle genre-shiftings with passion and a great musically comprehension.

Result: Cohesive and diversified hardcore music whose soaring melodies and crushing outbursts take you on an emotion-ridden rollercoaster that’s high and fast, winding and with certain aesthetics; a rollercoaster type already existing in nearly every other possible execution, but worth a ride at any given opportunity.

Genre: Screamo, Post Hardcore
128 kBit/s



5gegen5000 Records

PW: postrockcommunity.blogspot.com

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