8. Mai 2009

Jardín de la Croix - Pomeroy (2008)

With their free-of-charge record Pomeroy the Spanish band with the French name offers a complex 70's Prog-tinged Math Rock experience that calls genre heavyweights like Don Caballero and even Rush to mind. Perfectly executed and written, their debut outing oozes of swirling guitars and permanently varying motifs, both highlighted through the complex drumming and the absence of any kind of vocals. The opener "Polyhedron" being a convincing and stellar example of their everchanging sound, the highlight of the record is the more focused and prog-driven "Antioquia", whose spacey and washy intro evolves itself into furious power-chord accentuated riffing and groovy bass runs while not losing the distinctive sound.

01 - Polyhedron
02 - Jesse Harding
03 - Suomi
04 - Boston Steamer
05 - Antioquia
06 - Synaesthesia

Genre: Math Rock, Progressive
320 kBit/s



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driveby hat gesagt…

Sehr cool! Freu mich immer über alles das in Richtung Mathrock geht!