10. September 2009

Our Subatomic Earth - Nothing EP (2009)

"Following a tragic, last-minute hard drive collapse, the source files for the majority of this EP were lost forever. Fortunately, several of my close friends had demos of my songs still sitting on their computers, allowing me to piece it back together into this distorted state. For those who can get past the noise, thank you for listening. This has been a rollercoaster." - Nic

Gott sei Dank hatte da noch jemand diese Demos auf dem Rechner, denn sonst wäre dieser Post-Rock/Post-Hardcore/Sludge-Bastard eventuell vom Antlitz dieser Erde verschwunden, und das wäre meiner Meinung nach sehr schade.

Zuweilen melodiös verspielt und zuweilen wuchtig auf den Punkt zielend sind diese vier Songs, brutal und wunderschön zugleich. Nic Ross, Mastermind und einziges Mitglied der Band, hat mit dieser EP voll ins Schwarze getroffen. Immer, wenn die Post-Rock-Parts drohen, langweilig zu werden, tritt er entweder aufs Gaspedal oder er reißt das akustische Lenkrad um 180° herum... und genau das ist etwas, was mir sehr gut gefällt und im Post-Rock viel zu wenig passiert.

Also, liebe Leserinnen und Leser, mein Fazit lautet: Runterladen, anhören und dann am besten gleich die Infinite EP bei Modicum Of Silence für 5$ kaufen!

Thank god some of his friends still had those demos on their hard-drives, because it they didn't,
I would have never heard that bastard child of post rock, sludge and hardcore... and if you ask me, that would be a shame.

With their both melodic and sometimes very straight forward parts, these four songs are equally as beautiful as they are brutal. Nic Ross, mastermind and only member of this band really hit the spot with this EP. Everytime the post rockesque parts are in danger of becoming really boring he just goes to overdrive or does a 180° turn and heads for a completely different direction... and that is something I really like and tend to miss in a lot releases from the post rock sector.

At last,the only recommendation I can give to you, dearest reader, is the following: download it, listen to it and then, you can buy his new output called Infinite for a lousy 5 bucks at the Modicum Of Silence webstore. Enjoy!

Genre: Sludge / Post Rock / Hardcore / Ambient
320 kBit/s (CBR)


Modicum Of Silence

PW: postrockcommunity.blogspot.com

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Nic Ross hat gesagt…

I would like to thank you for the reviews. I should also add that the EP itself was meant to be listened as a loop and can be started on any track, my favorite being started on "The Gloaming"; a completely different feel, if you ask me!