11. September 2009

Satellites - Shorelines EP (2009)

Satellites is a post-rock/ambient band from United Kingdom with four members. Shorelines is the EP published by the online record label Dedicated Records. Mono, Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky or Sigur Ros are some of the biggest influences of the band. In fact, we can feel something different in this band by the eclecticism within, the simple melodies combined with complex drums and beats and strong guitar riffs. Cloudless Skies opens this work with a powerful and progressive melody. The guitar distortion and the melody make a great connection with the second track - A Glorious Death - which keeps the melancholic mood and alternates with fast sounds and slow rythims that explode into different and complex orgasms of powerfull distorted and melodic guitars of colours and emotions. Lights, the third track, give us a calm moment with interesting drums and soft guitars that explode agressively when we less expect and make us get lost into the deepest chords of typical post-rock ambience. Shorelines is an album of deep breaths. The track Waiting has the power to breath in the night air with a soft guitar and bass lines that explodes in a repetitive way of melody that remains in the next track - Found at the Shorelines - where remains the feeling of how the track will evolve. Floods is the last track of this great work and keeps the post-rock landscapes. In this track, the agressiveness of the melody transports you to a higher level of distorted guitars and strong drum beats. It's also visible some kind of electronic experimentalism softly combined with indie influencies. This is an awsome work that we highly recomend you.Pure orgasms made of guitar riffs and progressive melodies. Please, get lost with this sound.

Genre: Post Rock, Ambient
192 kbit/s (CBR)

1. Cloudless Skies (01:22)
2. A Glorious Death (05:06)
3. Lights (07:23)
4. Waiting (05:32)
5. Found At The Shoreline (05:17)
6. Floods (04:36)




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