23. März 2010

King Sigh - Entering (2009)

Now that summer is just around the bend I have one fantastic summer record for all of you out there: King Sigh's debut Entering is a feel-good alternative-post rock-electronic mix that, if our world was perfect, would be the stuff that was playing on the radio instead of the 100th copy of an imitation. This record is truly original and a lot of fun to listen to.

Hailing from Scherpenheuvel, Belgium, Peter Laermans and Zowie Vangeel (back then there were two, now there are four of them) decided to do some homerecordings and as a result they released this little gem that has been playing a lot at my working place for the last one and a half months to make sure I'm always in a good mood. So, I guess it's time to say thanks to those guys by saying:

This record is truly amazing and I hope that everybody visiting here is going to listen to it and hopefully will like it as much as I do. Thank you guys and keep on making such wonderful music.

PS: I'm very tired right now, so excuse the missing German review, but as a summery for all my fellow Germans:

Hört euch einfach dieses wundervolle Kleinod aus Belgien an, ihr werdet es nicht bereuen, ich versprech's euch persönlich!


Genre: Alternative, Post Rock, Electronic

256 kBit/s (CBR)




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data.hypercomplex hat gesagt…

Nice to see you posted this too. It's indeed a great album.