16. März 2010

Our Subatomic Earth - Underscore (2010)

Release text: "The Earth is on fire. I cry out to you from my state of weakness, where the slate crumbles beneath the flesh, leaving a void, hollowed shell like that of a distant crustacean. I cry out to you, wherever your bunker lies beneath this unyielding earth, safe from the distorted, abstract woes of supreme mortal justice. Whether you are heavenly man, heavenly woman, or of absolute sin as I am in essence, I cry out to you. The Earth is on fire.

The Earth is on fire, but nothing is smoking. The incessant immolation sears not at the hearts, but the souls of the grieving, whose pleads fall upon a deaf congregation. Though they have ears, they are not listeners; rather, they do when told like negligent drones. Whether they own computers, televisions, or even car stereos, they are not listeners, and nothing is smoking.

What is smoke, but a visible consequence, merely appearing after the damage is done? What then is fire, but a chemical process, smoldering bodies to carbonaceous debris? The Earth is on fire, and nothing is smoking yet.

In every dispute, they followed God's intent. When you were an infant, they gave the world weapons; when you were eleven, they went to the desert; when you could gamble, they went back again; and today your country, sweet land of misery, looked to the serpentines and left you to drown.

The Earth is on fire, and it is smoking; you were just too indoctrinated to see."

1. Underscore I (10:06)
2. Underscore II (7:14)
3. Underscore III (4:44)
4. Underscore IV (8:56)

This was fully recorded, mixed, and mastered at The Homestead between December 28, 2009 and January 5, 2010. All instrumentation and production are attributed to Nic Ross and released under a Creative Commons license.

Physical copies with additional artwork and instrumentation can be purchased from http://store.modicum.us.

Genre: Post Metal, Post Rock, Post Hardcore



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