16. März 2010

Pharoty - [Trapped] (EP) (2010)

THE MUSIC: Tasty riffs, exciting melodies and hypnotically grooving rhythms – these are the key ingredients not only of compelling rock music in general but of pharoty in particular.

The creative spectrum of this Tyrolean four-piece includes genuine groove monsters that will leave club audiences around the world breathless and dripping with sweat, as well as new anthemic treasures of alternative rock that build up throughout melodic verses and explode into emotionally charged choruses you will find hard to get out of your head. This skilful combination of acoustic and distorted parts is a trademark of this innovative and eclectic group. Their diversity is rounded off by a purely acoustic track that will send shivers down the listeners’ spines – whether it may be at a huge festival or at a campfire session. However, the catchy nature of all their tunes results in a constantly high sing-along factor!

It is difficult to pigeonhole the music of pharoty since they coquettishly flirt with various different greats of the contemporary music scene: Green Day meet Placebo and Nickelback meet Sunrise Avenue, plus: they never neglect their love for Chili Peppers-inspired Funk rock! To cut a long story short: pharoty offer a rich and independent mix of the newest and freshest developments in rock music and have plenty of potential hit material.

THE BAND: The band members were all students at the same school when they founded pharoty in 2003. In the very beginning, the band was merely more than just a creative outlet for two brothers and their friends to pass rainy Saturday afternoons. However, as time went on, their approach intensified as they became increasingly passionate about their project. They soon hit the stages of many rock clubs as well as regional outdoor-events. Their growing live-experience made them grow tighter as a musical unit as they went on from being a cover band to a group that strongly relies on its original material and constantly refines and develops its irresistible sound.

Time has come for them to drop their early cover songs, which have been a useful guide to songwriting in the past, in order to climb over the intimidating mountain peaks of the Tyrol with their debut-EP “Trapped” and to continue their journey into the wide world of rock.

Genre: Progressive Rock, Alternative Rock
320 kbit/s (CBR)



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