18. November 2010

NEWS: Post Rock Community - The Compilation Vol. 2 (SUBMISSIONS WANTED!)

Submission deadline: 31 December 2010.

It's been a year ago (LINK) since we started the idea creating a compilation with unsigned bands out of the community. It took some time to have it done and it really was a lot of work but i think the first compilation was very succesfull. We got so much requests and response from all over the world. More infos on Volume 1 & Free Download -> Volume 1

Today is the day where Volume 2 is born.

About the release of Volume 2:
We have in mind to make it a double-cd release this time. (depends on submissions)
It will also be for free download again.
The package will be similar to Volume 1 -> Have a look here.
Submission deadline will be 31 December 2010.
The song maximum-length is set to 8 minutes. Keep that in mind.
Your submission doesn't have to be pure Post Rock.
There will be physical releases of this compilation. (amount will be discussed soon)
The physical releases will be fragmented and sent to every single band.

When you will be confirmed to appear on the compilation your band have to pay for the physical releases. The estimated price for one copy will be 4€. Please let us know how much you'd be willing to pay & how many copies you want.

You can sell it wherever you want (live events, online, whatever...). The price for the selling itself depends on you.
This idea is a good promotion for you because every appearing band will sell it from different global places.

What do you have to do to appear on the compilation?
Send us an email with the subject "Volume 2 - your bandname" to "postrockcommunity[at]hotmail[dot]de"

Add infos to the email:
Bandname - Trackname
Add all links (myspace, etc...)
If the track is released already tell us the releasename and date of the release
If not just tell us that it's "not released yet"
Add a short bio
How much you'd be willing to pay for physical copies & desired amount
track limit is 8 minutes!
The track has to be in .wav! No transcodes! (We will verify that)

Downloadlink to a mastered version of the track
Downloadlink to a unmastered version of the track (If possible)

How do you have better chances for appearing on the sampler?
Not released tracks has a better chance.

Additionally to the email you can present your project in one of our our Forum to get better chances.
Go in this thread ("Laufende Projekte") if you speak german
Go in this thread ("Projects") if you speak english

Can you appear with a cover artwork?
Just mail us your idea on a cover artwork at "postrockcommunity[at]hotmail[dot]de" with the subject "Volume 2 Artwork - your name"

Do you have more questions?
...if there are any questions about this project ask here (german - english)

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