29. August 2010

Puentes Llamándome al Unísono - Los Días Felices EP (2008)

Hello everyone, I'm back and started working through our already backed up request-log. The first record I chose to review is called Los Días Felices, which I guess means as much as The Happy Days. And that is exactly what the first track, bearing the same title as the record, sounds like: not upbeat, but it has a very positive and nostalgic vibe to it. This track sounds just beautiful.

The second track, De Regreso A Todos Los Adioses (Back To All Farewells), is a kind of sad, melancholic tune, almost the exact opposite of the first rack. A little bit slower, darker and more grim than the first track, it is very powerful nonetheless.

If you are interested in Ambient/Soundscaping, then this might be just the thing for you.

Genre: Ambient, Soundscaping, Instrumental
224 kBit/s (VBR)



Anonym hat gesagt…

I make a correction, the second track entitled "De Regreso A Todos Los Adioses"(~) "Back To All Farewells"


word_fcuk hat gesagt…

Changed it. Thanks!