1. September 2010

The Polar Dream - The Polar Dream EP (2009)

I know, I know... I'm a little late, reviewing this old EP when the five Mexicans have already released their debut album called Follow Me To The Forest, but nevertheless, this EP is worth being reviewed.

With their beautiful melodies and their very positive songs, they have managed to amaze me in a way Sigur Ros did when I first listened to their (). Not that I do want to draw a comparison here, The Polar Dream do not sound like Sigur Ros, they have a very unique sound. They do use the same instruments (Do I hear a Glockenspiel or a Xylophone here and there?), but The Polar Dream create a rock oriented sound, which I find is one of a kind.

Interested? If yes, download it and if you like it, I urge you to support these guys and buy their debut album.

Genre: Rock, Post Rock, Instrumental, Ambient
192 kBit/s (CBR)



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Drums hat gesagt…

Nice set of songs. I'm totally interested if they have good drums and percussion set here...