26. April 2011

Hope For Japan (Compilation To Benefit Japan Relief Efforts) (2011)

Quote: "This is a compilation aimed towards Japan Relief work. All the fund raised through this will go to American Redcross (There are possible alternatives though). No artists or I get any money out of this as this is non-profit charity compilation.

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If any questions please don't hesitate emailing us at: hopeforjapanmusic@gmail.com, hopefornippon@gmail.com

Thanks to all the artists who have made this compilation possible.
Album art by Eric Schumacher."


01. Our Ceasing Voice – The Only Ones Dead (Are Those Who Are Forgotten)
02. Collapse Under The Empire – The Silent Death
03. The Picturesque Episode – Tokyo Pulse
04. Sey Hollo – Eighty Percent
05. …With a Sword on a Horse – The Sail Blows Windward (Remix)
06. The Jakesperiment – Duka getar, Skala ombak, akan sembuh tersapu alam
07. Asfandyar Khan – About Her
08. Circadian Eyes – A Careful Hope
09. The Tumbled Sea – Jill (Part I)
10. Takahiro Kido – Heavy Smoker’s Forest
11. Infinite Third – Genshukuna (Solemn)
12. 6LA8 – Sleeping People Can’t Fall Down
13. The Veldt – /[This Rain]
14. evolv – Alluring
15. Taiga Blues – Neuanfang
16. Armand Tanzarian – Japanese Title
17. a slow in dance – 6.12
18. We Are Pioneers – Now That We’re Alone
19. We – We Will Reunite Again One Day
20. The Echelon Effect – Japanese Title (Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight)
21. My Cats A Stargazer – Solace
22. The Sound Of Rescue – Take Heart
23. Matt Stevens and Kevin Feazy – Talker
24. Ben Woods – Gone
25. endote – Oldham
26. Good Weather For An Airstrike – Echoes
27. Arafúra – Lost Among the Lost (in Japan)
28. Nobuto Suda – Bunch of Harmony
29. The Eternal Twilight (Feat. Christian Erfurt) – Fading Into This Air…
30. Startle The Heavens – Picking Up The Pieces
31. Karl Verkade – Lullabye for the Lost
32. Lowercase Noises – Migratory Patterns
33. Bob Guido – Mooregate
34. Slow Dancing Society – Prange
35. The Living Sleep – We Were Infinite
36. Tundra Lights – Four Nights Under The Lights

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