26. Juli 2011

Out Of Sight - Silence Speaks The Words Unspoken (2011)

Hi folks, I'm back to present a record that I have been listening to a lot over the last few weeks. This record is called Silence speaks the words unspoken and is the second release by Out Of Sight, a one man band from Germany.

Usually, I'm not into Post Rock that much, because it is, in my opinion, all build-up and no pay-off. And a lot of that statement is true for this record, but the songs have a certain quality to them I cannot quite describe using my fairly limited vocabulary. I guess I could say that all five songs seem to be alive with so much beauty, but that would be cheesy, wouldn't it? I could say, that there are so many great melodies in those songs, which I tend to miss in other Post Rock songs. Or maybe, I could argue that I find this special blend of Metal and Post Rock to be very intriguing.

The fact is, that for most people, this record would be just another collection of Post Rock songs. For me, it is a lot more: for me, this is a collection of great songs and I do not want to put a lable on them, assigning them to a certain genre. This record contains 35 minutes of very beautiful music, it's as simple as that. 35 minutes of pure emotions which put a smile on my face every time.

Genre: Metal, Ambient, Post Rock, Shoegaze
320 kbit/s (CBR)

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