2. Oktober 2011

Chuter - Glisten Amber Plains (2011)

Jack Chuter is a solo musician from Basingstoke, England. His music is an introspective mesh of post-metal, shoegaze, drone and ambient. Back in 2006 he started creating music as Excido – post-metal music influenced by the likes of Pelican and Isis – before moving into more personal and unique sonic spaces as Chuter in 2007.

This brought with it a greater focus on texture and atmosphere, departing from those initial post-metal influences to explore his own sort of “heavy shoegaze”. After four releases as Chuter [ including the much-praised full-length "Leaving Here" ], Jack presents “Glisten Amber Plains” – four of his most immersive and intense pieces yet.

1. Glisten Amber Plains
2. A Planet Has Passed Away
3. Not The Same
4. Steady

Genre: Shoegaze/Post-metal


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