11. Februar 2009

Strange Glue and the Post-Rock Underground (Compilation) (2009)

"It's that time again, you know, time that Strange Glue educates and cultures the population with new music. Today we have a lesson in post-rock for you with nine awe-inspiring songs from across the scene."

Das Strangeglue Musikmagazin aus dem Vereinigten Königreich veröffentlicht mit Strange Glue and the Post-Rock Underground seine monatliche Compilation. Nach der Alternative und Punk Reihe, die auch auf deren Seite zu finden ist, sind hier Songs quer durch das facettenreiche Genre des Post Rocks zusammengestellt worden.


Strange Glue and the Post Rock Underground is this month's compilation from Uk-based Strange Glue Music Magazine. After the Alternative & Punk release, which you can check out on their website as well, this one features tracks across the diverse Post-Rock genre.

01 - If these trees could talk - What's in the Ground belongs to you
02 - Irepress - Cyette Phiur
03 - Crippled Black Phoenix - Rise up and Fight
04 - Gathiens - Connectango
05 - Vanessa Van Basten - Tutto Avanti All'indietro
06 - Our Ceasing Voice - The Inevitable Fall
07 - Lampshade - Silkesår (Featuring Teitur)
08 - Gregor Samsa - Three
09 - Dorena - Solen Har Förblindat Mig

Genre: Post Rock
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Anonym hat gesagt…

Sorry! Only speak English, but wow, what a compilation, some of the best bands around right now.

Better get downloading.

indie hat gesagt…

This is awesome compilation.

some of the best post-rock projects out there.

specially, crippled black phoenix.