16. März 2009

Vulmen - Death Will Follow Us Until We Meet Again in a Place We Both don't know (2006)

"Young talented musician Frank Schimski, resident in Germany, created Vulmen as a one-man project.
Dynamic guitar- and synth-based ambient, synthetic, spiced with natural samples, which most the time helps you to relax and sometimes even drones. Slip away…
Vulmen wants to lead his listeners to an open-minded condition, out of being “stuck in a moment” and enjoying life." - LastFM

"The Music-Project "Vulmen" is dead and there will be no vulmen. Look out for new music." - Myspace

Genre: Ambient / Post Rock
256 kBit/s


New Project "clickdeleteyes"
Download Abide with Me
Download Andreas EP

PW: postrockcommunity.blogspot.com

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dream endless. hat gesagt…

I'm in love with this.