30. Mai 2009

Strange Glue and the Post-Rock Underground Vol. 2 (Compilation) (2009)

"Webster's dictionary defines "post-rock" as being "a strong piece of timber, metal, or the like, set upright as a support for a large mass of stone".

We don't quite understand what they were getting at, but it sounds like a very solid collection of materials, which ably describes the concoction of epic exquisiteness we have in store for you all.

Eight tracks from various up and coming artists from all around the world. Some instrumental, some vocal, what they all have in common is their ability to catapult your consciousness on a tour of the Milky Way. One song for each of the planets. Oh, and Pluto supporters, suck it, you minor dwarf planet worshipping weirdos.

In addition to these fantastic tracks, our previous compilations are still available to download, and still free-of-charge. Follow the links below. Files on all albums are 192kbps MP3s with absolutely zero Digital Rights Management software."

1.) Mt. - 'Lecture on Nothing'
2.) Balmorhea - 'Harm and Boon'
3.) Signal Hill - 'The Dead Vineyard'
4.) God Is An Astronaut - 'Shining Through'
5.) Scraps of Tape - 'Love Them Anyway'
6.) Oceans - 'Boy Detective'
7.) Lunar Node - 'Cerveceria'
8.) Saxon Shore - 'Nothing Changes'

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