3. November 2009

We are sorry for the absence!

We have been very busy for the last weeks preparing for & doing some gigs with our project Our Ceasing Voice. There are about 5 Reviews done and we will prepare them for posting within the next days. Please stay tuned.

To compensate the lack of posts, we did some live-video-recordings of our shows. For about 6 weeks or so, we have a new drummer (Pago) because the old one (Andi) we were rehearsing with for several months left us. Therefore we had to adjust all the drumming of our songs to fit with Pago's style. It' been a very short time, but Pago did it without batting an eye. You will hear a big difference compared to our EP (written without drummer) and to the new song "Highway Lights" (recorded with Andi). To us, Pago is the perfect drummer for the band and a unique person. His extraordinary drumming brought new ideas and new feelings into our songs. We are all glad that he is a part of us and Our Ceasing Voice is complete again.

The sound on the cuts isn't that good but i think it's quite enjoyable. Check it out.

Our Ceasing Voice - "Of Lives Once Lost" (Live, 24.10.09, Altes Widum, Achenkirch, Austria)

Our Ceasing Voice - "Highway Lights" (Live, 30.10.09, PMK, Innsbruck, Austria)

Our Ceasing Voice - "Dazzled Eyes Are Shut." (Live, 30.10.09, PMK, Innsbruck Austria)

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