15. Juni 2010

Sahara Surfers - Spacetrip On A Paper Plane (2010)

Quote from myspace: "desert rock for wet moments. Founded in November 2007 in well-known metropolis Schlitters in the Ziller Valley the band met to celebrate its passion for stoner rock. From the beginning it was clear to everybody that this band is facing world wide success. It's just all about being patient and getting stoned to make the time pass 'til then. As a prospectively world-wide known bunch of rockstars we had to move to big city Innsbruck to underline these ambitions. That's where we are now working on new stuff and where we are experimenting with new sounds and our bodies."

Sahara Surfers are great friends of mine and i want to thank them for being musicians of passion. It's really fun to see 'em playing a live show. Their tunes completes a broad horizon of genres and make them unique. I have many words to describe this release but I'm too much into this sound and too much a friend of the band to review it in an objective way. The only thing i really wan't to do here is to introduce the members of the band.

Ladies first:
(vox): She is a very talented female singer with a stand-alone voice, fit-in lyrics and characteristic melodies.

Hans aka. HP (Bass): HP lives for the music and his basslines are carrying the tracks like on waves to the end where they seem to impact. Hans is also one of the best bassists i know personally. His side-project Home demonstrates that he's not only a mammoth bass-player but also a good singer.

Steini (drums): Steini is a drummer of Stoner Rock up to 110%. Always smiling while playing, always smiling while not playing. He's also the organizer of the great "Floiten Jam"-Festival. Respect!

Andi (guitar): Last but not Least. Andi is known for his catchy, flowing guitar-riffs, wearing a woolly hat and jamming in state of trance all day long.

Space Trip On A Paper Plane is recorded, mixed and mastered by Magasit. aka Magi. Magi also acts as drummer with HP in Home and did a remix of our latest Our Ceasing Voice single "Passenger Killed In Hit And Run" and is helping us in some mastering process.

The physical copy of this release will be availaible within the next few days. and is limited to 500 pieces. Support them and grab a copy of it using the information at "Buy & Support"!

Genre: Stoner Rock, Psychedelic, Progressive Rock
256 kbit/s (CBR)

01. Colour Jam (06:12)
02. Propeller (03:27)
03. Age (05:04)
04. 812 (03:44)
05. Sister In Shade (05:04)
06. Gas (08:40)

Preview: ("Age")

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